You must be wondering why to use multiple version of jQuery instead of using latest version. Well the reason is that there are some websites that uses different versions of jQuery. For example, jQuery ver 1.8.x and when i change it to 1.10.x some of the plugins stops working, so i need to have both Read More →

Here is a list of the best WordPress tips and tricks for beginners: How to Display any External RSS Feed on Your Site Simply paste the following code in anywhere in your theme: Displays Random Posts in Your Site To display random post listing you need to create a custom template and paste the following Read More →

The following problem occurs when we create a static multiple column layouts: 1) Text doesn’t wrap properly in columns. 2) Images and tables can’t easily span multiple columns. What’s needed is to allow content to be easily resized and refit in the multiple column as needed. Below mention is the solution with example: Step 1: Read More →

Custom Users Order is a niche plugin that orders the users(admin, editor, author, subscriber, contributor) with simple Drag and Drop Sortable capability. Place a shortcode in page, post, text widget or template files to display in frontend and it’s done. It is useful when you have a long list of users and want to show Read More →

In jQuery, prop() function is used to check/uncheck checkboxes dynamically. For example: This is the code for simple checkbox component. Add the below mention jQuery code to check and uncheck the checkbox: View Demo